Munas X IPOA: Joko Supriyono

Munas X IPOA: Joko Supriyono

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Musyawarah Nasional (Munas) or National Meeting the 10th of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) on 14-16 March 2018 in Jakarta at Friday (16/3/2018) night was officially end. Just like the previous meeting, the last day was to vote the formatures of IPOA coordinators in the future. In the meeting, there was difference that concluded, the coordinators of IPOA would not be 3 years but 5 years to work. This is to maximize the implementation of the programs of the elected coordinators The election of the IPOA coordinator in 2018-2023 run tightly for there were two sections.

In the first one, there were 7 names of formatures, they were, Joko Supriyono, Mustafa Daulay, Kacuk Sumarto, Eddy Martono, Susanto, Fadhil Hasan, and Alexander Maha. Of the seven formature names, there was election for the next session and five formature names were elected, they were, Joko Supriyonoreaching 769 votes, then Mustafa Daulay having 346 votes, Kacuk Sumarto within 345 votes, Eddy Martono within 274 votes, and Susantowithin 270 votes. In the lobby for the next election, other formtures agreed not to continue the election, except Joko Supriyono. The biggest votes automatically was Joko Supriyono as the Chairman of the formature and re-leads as the Chairman of IPOA. In his speech in the tenth meeting where InfoSAWIT also attended, Joko noted that the government really supports palm oil industries. He emphasized, IPOA keeps working with the government to advance palm oil industries nationally. The partnership with the government is needed to get the future goal and challenges.

The partnership could expand the palm oil exports for the exports needs to be expanded and diversified. “When discussing about export and the trade barrier, it must be done by G to G (government to governmment). So it needs to cooperate with the government,” he said. Besides the cooperation with the government, he also emphasized that the programs of IPOA in the future is to increase the people’s plantation productivity. As it was written in the opening ceremony of IPOA meeting the 10th, IPOA is committed to increase the people’s plantation productivity. “These are two major specifiic programs for the next five years, they are, to improve the business climate, and to secure the exports,” he said. (T2)

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