Partnership in Palm oil Could be Imitated by Other Commodities

Partnership in Palm oil Could  be Imitated by Other Commodities

INFOSAWIT, NUSA DUA –Coordinator Minister in Economy, Darmin Nasution said, the partnership scheme between big plantation companies and the people’s plantation in palm oil industries could be the model to be imitated by other commodities. “We have to make palm oil plantation as one model that cooperation between the people’s plantation and the big plantation is important,” he said in the spare time of 13th Indonesian Palm Oil Conference 2017 that InfoSAWIT also attended.

But he also reminded that helpiing the smallholders to cultivate the plantation should not be always done by inviting the big scale plantation companies. It could be done by prioritizing the partnership.

He admitted, Indonesia has many superior plantation products, such as, palm oil, rubber, chocolate, cocunut, spices, and others. But the interesting things to develop palm oil are that the commodity has mechanism to develop that has been running, besides the partnership, such as, the procurement of superior seeds.

It is admitted too, the big plantatio companies have urged to make partnership. Without them, he continued, the partnership could not run well. “The scheme is done for it needs the superior seeds, good cultivation, and others,” he said.(T1)


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