Oleo-chemical Industries Would be Better in 2018

Oleo-chemical Industries Would be Better in 2018

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Palm oil plantation industrial development gives many chances to the businessmen (stakeholders). The increasing crude palm oil (CPO) production would give the big opportunity to the CPO processing industries that would make environmental and renewable products within the main goal, the better exports.

CPO downstream industrial development is still an ‘expensive’ thing in Indonesia because it has chances to export. The expensive cost to spend derives from the big investment spent by the investors. Besides the fund, it has to have good selling skill of oleo-chemical products.


Oleo-chemical industries that become the basic palm oil industries still have the big chances to be developed in Indonesia. The big potential is to export in fatty acids and fatty alcohol forms.


Though the two are not largely consumed, but the oleo-chemical industries have the good progress to develop. In every year, the fatty acid industries could develop about 5% in average and fatty alcohol industries reach 3% in every single year.


The additional chance derives from the side products, such as, glycerin that may be potential to develop in every year. Glycerin is the side product that has big additional value for the pharmacy and cosmetic industries. The global markets develop about 10% in average in every single year.

(Board of InfoSAWIT Editorials/Downstream Palm Oil Observer, Kris Hadisoebroto)


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