Take the Challenge of European Union Parliament by Developing and Improving the Downstream.

Take the Challenge of European Union Parliament by Developing and Improving the Downstream.

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR – Parliamentof European Union has legitimated the energy proposal draft, called,"Report on the Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Promotion of the use of Energy from Renewable Sources"after voting in the hall of European Parliament, Strasbourg, French. In the proposal, it is written to eliminate biodiesel usage in palm oil – base.

As one palm oil exporter country in the world, Indonesia replied the decision of European. Days before, Indonesia felt sorry about that and thought, European Parliament is discriminative to palm oil products from Indonesia. The government also thought, European Parliament should stop the discrimination and discredit palm oil.

Executive Director of SawitWatch, Inda Fatinaware said, elimination of palm oil biodiesel usage done by European Parliament should be a challenge for the government and the stakeholders in Indonesia. “How the government and the stakeholders do the good practices in palm oil development and based on the sustainable principles,” she said.

Besides Inda also thought, it is time for Indonesia to develop domestic downstream industries. “Developing downstream industries would create new employment for it would be solution to unemployment and poverty in Indonesia,” she said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (23/3/2018)

For information, Indonesia was so reactive to the European Parliament’s energy proposal. Indonesia started to threaten and block their products, stop to crude palm oil exports, and even claimed, what European Parliament would do is a black campaign.

Head of Campaign Desk, Sawit Watch, Maryo Saputra Sanuddin, said, he is sorry for the reaction. The government should actually see, what really happens in the meaningful industry. The forest damages, the conflict, the land issue in the indigenous people are the facts happening in the industry and they keep taking place until now. “So the proposal should warn us and start to improve this sector. We should understand and notice too, there are mistakes in us (palm oil industry – red). The proposal or European Resolution is the time to improve, not to threaten each other,” Maryo said.(T2)


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