Trade Mission in Taiwan Was Attended by 200 Businessmen (Stakeholders)

Trade Mission in Taiwan Was Attended by 200 Businessmen (Stakeholders)

InfoSAWIT, Taipei– Indonesia is counted on as the country having predicate in ease of doing business. General Director of National Export Development, Ministry of Trade, Arlinda said that in front of 200 businessmen and stakeholders from Indonesia and Taiwan in Indonesia-Taiwan, Business Forum, Friday (23/3). Held in Taiwan World Trade Center, Taipei, the business forum is series of trade mission done by Ministry of Trade that Arlinda led on 22-25 March 2018.

“Indonesia keeps improving and opening the economy. The result is that there are some enhancement in ease of doing business (EODB), and the investment numbers in Indonesia. The rank of EODB gets better from 91 to 72 in 2018,” Arlinda said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (23/3/2018).

She also told, the other achievement in Indonesia relates to the global competitive index and the attraction as the goal of investment. “Global Competitive Index 2017-2018 ranked Indonesia from the 41 to be 36. Based onUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Indonesia is in the fourth rank as the goal of investment, the most favorite country whole over the world to do investment,” she said.

The total exports from Indonesia in 2017, Arlinda continued, reached US$ 168,8billionor increased 16,27% compared to it in the previous year. The numbers were from non - oil and gas exports reaching US$ 153 billionthat increased 15,89% from 2016, and oil and gas exports reaching US$ 15,7 billionor increased 20,09% from 2016.

She continued, Indonesia is about to change the economic perspective to be modern one. “Indonesia keeps trying to develop and modify the economy, namely in economic infrastructure,” she said.

Indonesia-Taiwan business forum is to facilitate the businessmen and stakeholders from Indonesia with their partners from Taiwan to discuss the future potential trade cooperation. It is in series of Indonesian Week 2018. The forum also runs seminars in economy, tourism, and workers from Indonesia. (T2)


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