The Regional Government Directly Saw the Animal Corridor of BGA Group

The Regional Government Directly Saw the Animal Corridor of BGA Group

InfoSAWIT, KETAPANG –In the recent days, the officials of regional government, consisted of Head of Regional Development Plan Agency, Public Service and Spatial Spatial, Environment, Livehood Agency, Livestock and Plantation Agency, Fishery and Food Security Agency, and others did direct visit to Essential Ecosystem Zone (EEZ) that a palm oil plantation company Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) Group develops laying about 1.800 hectares in Village of Laman Satong, Sub district of Matan Hilir, District of Ketapang, West Kalimantan Province.

It was a Ground Checking to follow up the Decision of Governor No: 718/Dishut/2017 aboutEssential Ecosystem Zone in the region.

The Ground Checking was also to check the fulfillment of condition and terms in EEZ to adjust the Governor’s Decision. “EEZ in the concession areas of BGA Group is the multi-side cooperation (including the regional government) where it is very positive to the local conservation and the integrated agricultural facility in the region could be useful for the local,” Head in duty of Regional Development Plan Agency, District of Ketapang, Akia said in his speech in the EEZ location through the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

EEZ is the corridor path that connects Sungai Putri ecosystem zone with the Gunung Tarak ecosystem zone as the cantilever for Gunung Palung National Park where the wild lives there.

Besides for the wild, the corridor using the landscape approach also provides the place for the local to learn integrated agricultural system, such as, organic cultivation, mushroom cultivation, fish cage cultivation, livestock, and others.

The project that is in coordination with non – government organization, IDH (Initial Development Initiative) is one effort of BGA Group to develop conservation areas that connect some forests.

“We thank the regional government, the officials, and the local for the supports to Essential Ecosystem Zone (EEZ). Hopefully the region could be useful to the conservation and becoming the alternative income for the local through the organic agricultural cultivation, and livestock in the integrated area developments which become parts of EEZ,” Head of Corporate AffairBGA Groupin West Kalimantan, Kamsen Saragih said.

The zone would be the path for the wild to pass through and one of the wild is orangutan. Both forest regions separate in distance so that orangutan always passes through when searching for food. This sometimes makes conflict between the local and the orangutan.

The EEZ project connects 8 (eight) villages within the total population about 11 thousand men. The project would develop 5.000 smallholders by making the union. 

In the early days, Gunung Tarak, Gunung Palung, and Sungai Putri peat regions were threatened by deforestation, illegal logging, and fire. As the result, natural peat forest conservations were broken and disturbed natural diversity that could not be found in this world and decreased numbers of orangutan and other flora and fauna.

It is hoped too, the villages in the corridor would be the place having sustainable forest within the best cultivation.(T2)


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