Advantaging Palm Oil Stock from the Replanting Program

Advantaging Palm Oil Stock from the Replanting Program

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The abundant palm oil trees after the replanting program would be potential to substitute the needs of wood in Indonesia. The rod could be technically processed more to have additional value.

According to General Directorate of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, palm oil areas in Indonesia laid about 11.260.277 hectares in 2015. It is predicted to be 12.307.677 hectares in 2017. Some of the areas have been in replanting program for the plantations are old and not productive anymore. In general, the 25 - year old trees would be less productive and they should be replanted.


Still based on the Directorate, until 2017 the plantations that have been more than 25 years old might be reaching about 1,3 million hectares (the width of palm oil areas in 1991). The numbers increased for the next couples of years. If palm oil areas would not be wider or about 12,3 million hectares, in average, there would be about 492.000 hectares to have replanting program or about 4% of the total areas.


The large numbers of palm oil rod from the program needs to be advantaged to get additional values or additional income for the smallholders having replanting program. If they do not advantage it, at least, the smallholders could have additional money by selling the rod.


The Alternative to Advantage

Palm oil rod is the material having many ingredients, such as, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, ash, and other extractive materials. There have been some researches done to advantage the rod, starting from, as the simple energy – by burning it, until the material for chemical industries within complex and long process. Some alternatives to advantage palm oil rod, are:


The material for house and furniture


The researches done showed that the rod could be used to house. The good part of the need is one third of the outer side. Its quality is equal to ‘sengon’ (Paraserianthes falcataria). The basic characteristic of palm oil rod would be influenced by the position to the radian – the outset part should be better from the middle and central part. The height would influence to the mechanism which means, the taller the tree is, the worse quality would be.


To have good quality of palm oil rod as the material for housing and furniture, it needs to make certain treatment. It is about how saw. The good way of sawing would not be as usual but within modified round sawing (MRS). It needs to add additive resin fenol within compregnation, which means, putting in the compregnation of resin Fenol should be helped by the pressure in the close tank. The treatment would make the quality of palm oil rod fix as the material for housing. The quality after having the compregnation would be equal to the general wood that is used as the materials for furniture, such as, mahogany, camphor, and teak.(Wahyu Purwanto, M.Sc/Pusat Teknologi Agroindustri – BPPT)


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