Palm Oil Plantation Business Might not Have Plans

Palm Oil Plantation Business Might not Have Plans

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Though there are many regulations in palm oil sector, unfortunately, there might have no plan in developing it.

For example, Regulation No. 39 / 2014 about Plantation that mandates the spatial to cultivates based on the plans of plantation. Meanwhile the regional government as the authority to publish the license has no plan system in plantation according to the mandate in the regulation.

Besides the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 98/OT.140/9/2013 about the Plantation Business also does not regulate the sanction mechanism. So the license of plantation which has been published would not be adjusted to the spatial. For example, Deputy Representative of Eradication, Corruption and Eradication Commission, Sulistiyanto said, in District of Ketapang, there are 3898 hectares of business license in the area of IUPHHK-HA and mining license.

Then there is not integrated license mechanism in one map scheme. The area verification mechanism is not published by the license giver and there is no verification instrument among the license system, there is no area spatial  for there is not one similar map that becomes the reference of license publication.

He also mentiooned, the license system in plantation sector is fregmented based on the autority from many governmental institutions. The regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 98/OT.140/9/2013 formally did not regulate the coordination mechanism between the regional governments with the K/L to publish and control the plantation license.

As the result, it is not effective to publish licenses (overlapping) and make uncertainty of law (the case of plantation license) that has no business license for it is in the forest region or the plantation license within environmental license that has been revoked but the company has been operating). (T2)


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