Kalkulator Pestisida

Kalkulator Pestisida

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – It needs to nurse palm oil plantation so that it could maximally produce. One thing to do is how to handle the pest – it can be done by digital application from handphone. It would ese the field planters to decide the right doze of chemical materials to solve it (pest).

In the last several years, the planters now dramatically get increasing duty and responsibility. They often should cultivate the wide areas – too often – within less skillful and experienced work.

They should satisfy and give good result for the stakeholders (modal owners), they should deal with the social issue, environment safety health (ESH), sustainable auditor, and attend the regular meeting.

As the result in the millennium era – those who were born in 1980 – 1995 mostly do not work in plantation sector within heavy work, high multi-tasking challenges, far away from home, and in the remote area.


But the latest technology usage from the smartphone could be one solution to solve the issues. They probably work effectively and efficiently. The tools, such as, Apps, sensor tech, and logarithm software would help to get fast reference and right and fast decision in the plantation.


To help them deal with pest and disease (P&D), for example, I have developed an application ‘KalkulatorPestisidaKelapaSawit’. It is freely provided in Google Play Store. Just find, ‘KalkulatorPestisidaKelapaSawit App’, click and download it. (Devarajen Rajagopal/Oil Palm Pesticides Calculator Developer)


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