Immature Nursery to get Maximal Production

Immature Nursery to get Maximal Production

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - The capacity and competency of the workers (employees) become the factors to increasae the high productivity in palm oil plantation. Without focus and competency, the nursery would influence the production.

This article is to share the writer’s experience about how to nurse palm oil tree namely when it is not productive yet (immature). The latest nursery would emphasize the latest technic too, agronomy process, the impact of personal training, and individual competition in the field.

The general cultivation practice in many palm oil companies may have minority. This postpones palm oil development. This would negatively influence palm oil production in the future. Maintaining the productivity is one important activity to get the profit in the palm oil investment.

The difficulty to get capable employees is one extraordinary challenge for palm oil plantation nowadays. Of course, to get the higher productivity within minimal workers, the mechanism may be one solution. But it should be done by sustainable work process and innovation up to the future. It is normal that every company has different policy one to another for they have their strategy in the field.

The discussion would be based on the writer’s experiences for 40 years in palm oil industries both in operational, plantation advisor and as agronomist in many palm oil areas in Indonesia and Malaysia. In the last five years, palm oil areas are important and could not be expanded to increase the production.

So it is important that the planters should focus to do the best practices and innovative method to cultivate the immature areas to ensure and to get optimal harvest when being mature.

In the same time, the mechanism method could be the option to cultivate plantation sector. But it is admitted this is randomly done though mechanism would be something for sure in the future.

We are at industrial level 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In brief, the word ‘mechanism technic’ has big aspect with its relevancy to the agriculture and plantation.

The planters should have opened (new) perspective to increase their productivity and develop plantation rather than using the plot estimation in every estate. There are lots to discuss relating to measure the computing system. For example, to measure the stress level of a tree because of drought, or flood to get the right solution through the fertilization, implementing bio pesticide, and irrigation. The nursery could be the base to develop palm oil in the future.

 (Vijay K Menon/Plantation Consultant - VKR Menon Resources)


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