19 Villages Become the Partners of Minamas Plantation Group to Prevent the Fire

19 Villages Become the Partners of Minamas Plantation Group to Prevent the Fire

InfoSAWIT, JAMBI –The fire prevention program in village – base has been starting since the end of 2017 in four villages in Jambi Province, they are, Village Sumber Agung, Village of Parit, Village of Arang-Arang, and Village of Gambut Jaya. They get the continous program that has been done in 15 villages around the operational of the subsidiary of Minamas Plantation since 2015.

In the continous program that was running for six months starting from October 2017, Minamas Plantation through the subsidiary in Jambi, PT Bahari Gembira Ria (PT BGR) in cooperation with Universitas Jambi (UNJA), did fire prevention in village – base around the company, and also madeDesa-desa Mandiri Cegah Api (DMCA).

The program was done by the researchers, the experts and the comrade by living together with the people, identifying the economic – social factor that forced them to burn the areas in every single year, and evaluating the right approach to be implemented in the regions.

The goal is to formulate the long term approach to improve the source of living of the people around the plantatioon and to share their experience about the best practices in sustainable agricultural management without burning.

The villagers of four villages, reaching about 8.239 men got good benefits from their 40.051 hectare – area. In the villages since 2011–2016, the fire mostly took place twice a year in average and 60% of the areas were peat.

But since DMCA runs, the people start developing no-fire practice to enlarge, and developing the composing system. When the program run, there was no fire in the regions. It was supported by the intencive rain so that the land remained wet.

Until now DMCA program has empowered 19 (nineteen) villages in Sumatera and South Kalimantan. Since 2015, 44.273 men get the benefits from 85.594 hectare areas.

Head Plantation Operations Minamas Plantation, Roslin Azmy Hassan, said, the cooperation between PT Bahari Gembira Ria andUniversitas Jambiis proved to decrease the habits to burn significantly in four villages. The villagers also get new knowledge about the zero – burning planting, the mapping, and the village mapping, and the making of regulation in the villages where it was not done and would be implemented by the groups in the villages. “The comrade from Universitas Jambi would make sure that the villagers understand the programs and involve in sustainable agricultural practices,” he recently said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Director of Universitas Jambi, Prof. Johni Najwan said, the cooperation between Minamas Plantation and Universitas Jambi to prevent the fire has been the same with the spirit of the university to implement Regional Regulation No. 2 / 2016 about the Implementation of Fire Prevention in the Areas. “The Regional Regulation was made based on spirit and active role of the experts in UNJA,” Johni said.(T2)


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