Pro Contra of Chemical Materials in Plantation

Pro Contra of Chemical Materials in Plantation

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR -  Until now, the chemical application (herbicide/pesticide) in agriculture and plantation still has pro and contra. But it has been a general provision which could not be ignored.

Prof. Dadang, who is from Bekasi, West Java always supports to get the better solution, by searching the methodology to reduce the pests, and diseases in agriculture and plantation, through the application which will have small loss but increase the profits. “It will be very difficult for the vast and massive plantation not to put herbicide in it. But it needs to reduce the risk. Don’t let the  negative more than the positive,” he recently said in Bogor.

The weed resistance has become the massive issue in plantation and agriculture sectors in the world. So it is better, Prof Dadang continued, to maintain that  the weed resistance  will not happen in national plantation and agriculture.

So to slow down the resistance process, it could be done by diversification. Then, make sure, the pesticide and herbicide are applied well. Do they need the right SOP? For information, there is one plantation applying the chemical material though there is no weed there. “It should be considered too,” the man who is fond of sport said.

Prof. Dadang suggested, the planters are not obliged to make the clean agriculture for there are some kinds of weeds which could be let and help the insects to grow, so they can be predators for the weeds in the plantation. “It should be more selective and should consider the environment itself, and safe to use,” Prof. Dadang said. (T2)

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