Palm Oil For Feedstock of Fuel and Chemical Industries

Palm Oil For Feedstock of Fuel and Chemical Industries

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Before bio-base industries are put aside by the natural gas and crude oil – base industries, it is the time to the last days by supporting the renewable – base industries. One of them is by using palm oil for fuel and chemical industries.

Triglyceride or fat/oil deriving from the plantation and animal is the main source of organic chemical industries until the early of 20th century. But the technology progress and mining exploitation and the processing itself has pushed the organic chemical industries within unimaginable products in the previous through the utilization of vegetable oil/fat material and put aside the bio – base material. As the result the vegetable oil has its limit for the food, soap, and some small numbers for the industries, such as, drying oil.

In the same time, the consumption progress to the natural resources, including fossil material will keep increasing and it is estimated, it will not be decreasing in the next decades within the high economic progress/welfare, namely in Asia, especially in China and India.

But in some last decades, the industries use natural material which makes the utilization of fat and oil for the industries increase. The changing habits in the industries, if we pay more attention, are triggered for the energy crisis in 70s which supports the awareness about the natural resources security in the non- renewable material – base. Some of social dynamic happen and urge the human ways of living. It starts from the west, change the industries to fulfil what they need. The environmental awareness and the healthy get stronger, and make the needs of green products.

industrial change dynamic in fat/oil (natural) – base and crude oil/natural gas (synthesis) is reflected by the usage of surfactant base in the 20th century which derives from fat/oil only. The progress of synthetic products is very slowly to go forward in the first place. But the better technology in petro base, the progress runs fast. But since 70s, the feedback comes up.

But the promising development for fat/oil industries, namely palm oil faces many massive challenges in the future. The rarity of crude oil/natural gas will be predicted to an end in the next five decades. But it needs to get other sources, such as, shale oil/gas which has been exploited and oil shale has not been yet. The presence of shale oil within its massive stock, namely in uSA, reaching about 2 billion barrel will be over for the conventional stock whole over the world (1,4 billion barrel). This will influence the industries, both the energy provision and the material.

In addition, the natural gas provision is the important material for the industries. The available technology forces the stock progess, the production level, and the production costs for natural gas in USA. The USA production is the number one whole over the world. It had been reaching 25,271 TCF in 2015 which was 19,8% of the total world production, within the cheap gas price. USA is not the only one having the shale gas stock. It is predicted, there are three other countries having the larger stock and China has twice bigger than USA.  (Indra Budi Susetyo/Researcher in BPPT)

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