Cure Palm Oil in order not to cultovate the Forest

Cure Palm Oil in order not to cultovate the Forest

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – General Director of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Bambang, said, the smallholders cultivate almost half of palm oil plantations in Indonesia and they have contributed to the gross domestic product and exports nationally.

He also said, the export from agricultural sector in 2917 reached US$ 33 billion – the plantation group contributed US$ 28 billion and US$ 22 billion were from oil export.

He also admitted, there are lots of issues cornering palm oil Indonesia saying that palm oil is the  factor of environmental and forest damage. “No matter what and when, how good we cultivate palm oil, the negative issues would remian still and this is a lesson for us,” he said in the premium sharing event for the plasma smallholders of Asian Agri that InfoSAWIT attended Tuesday (10/4/2018) in Jakarta. 

He suggested to improve the plantation as good as possible. Palm oil tree should be maintained and looked after well. If not, it would be potential to cultivate the forest. “Maintaining palm oil plantation would protect the tropical forest in the world,” he said

He also mentioned, palm oil plantation should be integrated with the smallholers. “This is our work for it is regulated too,” he said.(T2)


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