Two Periods of Issues in IPOA

Two Periods of Issues in IPOA

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The coordinators in Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) in 2018-2023 officially elected Joko Supriyono as the format team and Chairman of the stakeholders in Indonesia. It means that he has been elected for twice to lead IPOA.

Here are the issues and proposals that IPOA would solve in the future:

In 2015-2018

The coordinators of IPOA in 2015-2018 were elected in Bali. Theywere elected in Bali. It was done through the 9th pre national meeting and Joko Supriyono from PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk., was elected as the Chariman and Joefly J Bahroeny as the Advisory Board.

In the time, the central issues that IPOA discussed to the government were land and the forest region. The focuses of the issues were deforestation and peat.

In 2018-2023

The coordinators of IPOA in 2018-2023 were elected in the same way like the previous in Jakarta. But the pre meeting nationa was done in Medan. One decision in the 10th national meeting is that the period of the coordinators would be 5 years from the previous 3 years.

In the 10th national meeting, Joko Supriyono was elected for twice for having the votes the most. It is planned, IPOA would cooperate with the government to advance palm oil sector nationally.(T1)

Source : Central Data of InfoSAWIT, 2018.


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