Grup BGA Helps to Realize the Dreams of Smallholders

Grup BGA Helps to Realize the Dreams of Smallholders

InfoSAWIT,JAKARTA - KUD Bukit Janji Bersama, as the smallholders’ union in Village of Lalang Panjang, Sub district of Tumbang Titi, District of Ketapang, West Kalimantan Province took its smallholder who is also as the secretary of the KUD, Budi Santoso (50 tahun).

In the beginning, Budi Santoso told his and the villagers’ bitter experience for making cooperation with plantation company and the company itself could not committed to the agreement. They experienced it for eight years. They were in misery and their plantations were bad.

But the villagers of Lalang Panjang thank BGA Group through its subsidiaary, PT Inti Sawit Lestarifor acquiring the previous plantation company since 2015. BGA Group has made lots of change and new hope for them, namely to increase their economy and better income for them.

Budi also told that most of the smallholders’ palm oil plantations need to get replanting program. Through the partnership with BGA Group, he does hope to have better plantation to get their better lives in the future.

“The partnership of KUD and BGA Group would also be done to replant the people’s plantations that lay on 450 hectares belonging to 500 families. We do hope, the government could support it by giving finantial help to the replanting program deriving from palm oil citation fund,” he directly said to Coordinator Ministry of Economy, Darmin Nasution. 

He continued, the partnership of the smallholders with plantation company is not dream only but it can be realized with Grup BGA. (T1)


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