Grup Asian Agri Helps the Smallholders through Topaz

Grup Asian Agri Helps the Smallholders through Topaz

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Palm oil plantation company, Asian AgriGroup exists through palm oil seed company and it has been developing for too long in Indonesia. Through Topaz palm oil seeds, Asian Agri Group introduces Topaz for having much benefit from oil extraction rate (OER) in the crude palm oil (CPO).

Senior Researcher of Asian Agri, Ang Bong Ben, said, the company keeps doing research. After the presence of superior seeds having high productivity and durable to ganoderm, Topaz now has new variant for it has high yield in the CPO.

“The latest Topaz superior seed is the result developed more from the previous research. The main superiority of the seed derives from the oil extraction rate that might be reaching 40%,” Ang Bong Ben recently said in Jakarta. (T1)


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