The Partnership of PT SMART Tbk and the Smallholders in Jambi

The Partnership of PT SMART Tbk and the Smallholders in Jambi

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The palm oil plantation company, PT SMART Tbk., presented the independent smallholders who are in partnership with the company for these years. It was done to support the government’s program to increase their productivity.

The partnership is hoped to increase the crude palm oil (CPO) production of the company without new planting. The partnership is also hoped to help the smallholders to increase their lives through the best and sustainable practices.

When visiting the Booth of PT SMART Tbk., Coordinator Minister in Economy, Darmin Nasution directly asked the independent smallholder who makes partnership with the company about the partnership.

Dedy Prasetyo, one independent smallholders in the partnership from Village of Sungai Kapas, Jambianswered the Minister about the cooperation that has been running still. Dedy told his success in doing the partnership by implementing the best and sustainable cultivation.

“The result of the partership with PT SMART Tbk., derives from the development and help from the company as the partner of the smallholders so that their productivity increases and they have better lives,” Dedy Prasetyo said. (T1)


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