WWF Supports ICOPE: Supports Sustainable Palm Oil Implementation

WWF Supports ICOPE: Supports Sustainable Palm Oil Implementation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Director of Policy, Sustainability and TransformationalWorld WildFund for Nature(WWF) Indonesia, Aditya Bayunanda, said, the organization supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to increase the people’s better lives. One thing to do is by implementing sustainable palm oil practices.

Though palm oil plantations are always accused as the deforestation factors, but he thought, it needs to improve the sustainable palm oil plantation development. If it is done well, palm oil plantation could produce sustainable crude palm oil for the world.

“We support the planters (stakeholders) to improve sustainable palm oil plantation practices to produce sustainable palm oil for the world,” he said Friday (14/4/2018) in Jakarta.

He also told that the world markets need sustainable palm oil in the relation to SDGs that could be produced by the best and sustainable practices. “So palm oil plantation should be cultivated well so that the harvest could increase too,” he emphasized.(T1)


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