The People’s Active Participation Produces Sustainable Palm Oil

The People’s Active Participation Produces Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, PONTIANAK -  Producing sustainable palm oil based on sustainable principles and criteria is the obligation of palm oil plantation companies because the people and the stakeholders should obey every single regulation and policy.It is very possible to involve the people to be active in palm oil plantation cultivation to ensure the sustainable principles and criteria implementation.

Executive Director of LinKAR Borneo, Agus Sutomo, said, of course Roundatable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certificate is volunatarily implemented for the stakeholders, and the smallholders nationally.

But he continued, ISPO that the government obliges should be done well though there are issues in the implementation itself. “But ISPO and RSPO could increase the trust of the people to palm oil plantation nationally,” he recently said in Pontianak.

The implementation of sustainable principles and criteria would help the harvest productivity in the future. “And the smallholders would get better economy from their increasing harvest,” he said. (T1)


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