Vincent Gerande : Increase the Research Cooperation in Palm Oil

Vincent Gerande : Increase the Research Cooperation in Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAMBI –The Ambassador of European Union to Indonesia, Vincent Gerande in his speech when meeting Governor in duty of Jambi, Sunday (15/4) in Jambithanked the hospitality of the governor and the people of Jambi and together with Mr. Siswo, his side would cooperate to develop palm oil plantation to be more environmental.

“From the discussion with the Governor, Jambi has lots of potential, such as, mining and plantation. It needs to notice, palm oil is the priority to be sustainably developed,: he said in the event which InfoSAWIT attended.

As a note, European Union is the third biggest continent after India. So it is important to make profitable cooperation in the future.

The reseach cooperation through the universities in Jambi and European Union is good to do and develop.

European Union really focuses to sustainable and environmental development. The strategic position in Indonesia is important to make cooperation with European Union and because of this, Europe is important too in the international trade.

“We would ask to make better cooperation between Indonesia and European Union to make the same better business,” Gerande said. (T1)


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