Jambi Develops Sustainable Palm Oil

Jambi Develops Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAMBI  –Governor in duty, Jambi Province, Fachrori Umar, supports palm oil plantations develop in the province. He thought, palm oil plantation development supports the welfare of the people. Besides many plantations belong to the smallholders (farmers).

He said, the province is next to the international trade center and it has much potential in trade. Plantation sector, including palm oil has contributed much to develop the province.

“Most of the people in Jambi get the advantage from palm oil plantations they cultivate, including palm oil,” Fachrori said, Monday (16/4/2018) in Jambi.

He continued, his side would increase palm oil plantation cultivation based on the regulation which is mandatorily regulated in Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) to make palm oil plantations sustainable. He also said, palm oil plantation companies have the important role to help the central and regional governments by making partnership with the smallholders to help them in responsible cutlivation.

Palm oil plantations in Jambi are cultivated by 638 thousand smallholders within the areas reaching 1,4 million hectares. Provincial government of Jambi has got 29,8% of gross domestic product to support the development in the province.

One dominant plantation is palm oil for it is supported by the climate and the people. It could be seen from the better economy in many regions next to palm oil plantations. He thought, it needs the support from plantation companies, the people, and the neighborhood countries to make palm oil plantation always sustainable.

“There should be good cultivation to muffle the negative stigma in palm oil plantations, such as, deforestation, environment damage, and others. It could be done by implementing the best and sustainable practices through mechanism, reducing chemical fertilizers, and other,” Fachrori emphasized. (T1)


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