Kanya Lakshmi Would be the Candidate of General Secretary in IPOA

Kanya Lakshmi Would be the Candidate of General Secretary in IPOA

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –In the midst of April 2018 the tenth National Meeting of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) was held in Hotel Fairmont, Jakarta.  The meeting decided the format that consisted of 5 (five) men, they were, Joko Supriyono within 769 votes, Mustafa Daulay within 346 votes, Kacuk Sumarto within 345 votes, Eddy Martono within274 votes, and Susanto within 270 votes.

The Chairman of the Format automatically was Joko Supriyono, and he is now as the Chairman of IPOA for the next five years. This has been decided in the meeting or two years longer than those in the previous period in IPOA.

The interesting thing to discuss is who would be the General Secretary of IPOA. Based on what InfoSAWIT recently traced, the position would be for a tough woman, Kanya Lakshmi Sidarta.

She is not a new figure in IPOA. Kanya has worked in palm oil sectors for years ago. She worked at PT Bakrie Sumatera Plantation TBk (UNSP) and became an Independent Director in PT Golden Plantation, and she was active as Trasurer of IPOA.

According to the trusted source ofInfoSAWIT,  Lakhsmi is unseparated part from palm oil plantation industries nationally. The trusted source also told, she is elected as the candidate of General Secretary because she is higly dedicated in the organization for all these years.

She joins IPOA for too long as the central coordinators and works to fulfill the needs of IPOA members. InfoSAWITalso recorded, she was active too when Joefly J Bahroeni was the Chairman of IPOA.

Not only that, the General Secretary would be set for the woman for the very first time and this would multiply the coordinators in the organization. It happens for the efforts to accommodate the interest of the members, namely from big palm oil plantation companies nationally. (T1)


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