Delegations of European Union Promised to buy Qualified Palm Oil

Delegations of European Union Promised to buy Qualified Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAMBI –Ministry of External Affairs, Indonesia, Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), Provincial Government of Jambi, and Universitas Jambi did Palm Oil Executive Program to the Ambassadors of European Union on 16-18 April 2018 in Jambi. The program proposed by Badan Perencanaan dan Pengembangan Kebijakan, Ministry of External Affairs was joined by many stakeholders in palm oil sector.

The goal is to explain about sustainable palm oil practices in Tungkal Ulu Jambi on 16 April 2018 to the Ambassadors and Diplomates from nine countries in European Union.

Managing Director Asian Agri, Kelvin Tioled the visit to palm oil plantation and Biogas Plants of Asian Agri. He also said, the company is committed to sustainable operational and involves the plasma and independent smallholders to increase the production and their better lives.

Knowing the negative campaigns about palm oil, Asian Agri emphasized its commitment in the environment. The company also adopts NDPE (No deforestation, no peat development, and no exploitation) to be the sustainable policy and obeys the standard that international institutions oblige, such as, ISCC, RSPO dan ISPO.

Delegation members of Europan Unions also visited one Biogas Plants in Tungkal Ulu, one of biogas plants that supply renewable electricity. It is in the remote areas. Asian Agri plans to make the other one and operates 20 others in 2020.

Chairman of the Delegation, Ambassador of European Union in Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, Vincent Guerend said,”It is not the first time for me to visit palm oil plantation. I never admire others when I see, how Asian Agri could optimize every single process in it. Every worker knows what to do in every process to optimize two major things, they are, the company and the long term process in the plantation.”

“We would keep buying palm oil as long as it has quality. But in the long term, we need to make sure that the product should be sustainable. The key is that I trust that Asian Agri has its goal to optimize the better harvest from each hectare by not expanding its areas from the forest. We have to make balance between the forest and the areas where we plant,” Guerendsaid in the official statement toInfoSAWIT.

The discussion with the independent and plasma smallholders did give real description for the delegations that the partnership could successfully increase the productivity and traceability of the chain of stock, and develop the smallholders to get sustainable certificate. (T2)


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