Strengthen CSPO Market in North America

Strengthen CSPO Market in North America

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - NASPON has big duty to support and strengthen the sustainable palm oil market collaboration in North America. Through its existence, the missions of NASPON are to educate the markets (countries) to develop the same commitment, to help the companies in North America to realize their commitment to use sustainable palm oil.

CEO RSPO, Darrel Webber, thought, NASPON has big duty to cooperate in long term in North America to introduce sustainable palm oil within RSPO certificate - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) & Certified Sustainable Palm Kernel oil (CSPK) – for the consumers in North America.

“By NASPON, the stakeholders would cooperate in the long term to make solutions to the palm oil users to use CSPO and CSPK,” he said and continued, “It needs intensive dialogue about sustainable palm oil so that sustainable palm oil becomes the same norm.”

It is important to collaborate among the other stakeholders in North America. He thought, it is part of sustainable palm oil that needs multi-side cooperation. NASON, he continued, is important to realize the same goal to respect human rights, labours’ rights, local community rights, and diversity in the chain of sustainable palm oil.

He also mentioned, the multi-side collaboration, such as, non-government organizations, manufacturer industries, the traders, the consumer goods, and the palm oil producers are needed to have the same strong commitment to use sustainable palm oil and its derivative as the same norm in North America.

Knowing about NASPON, Director of RSPO Indonesia, TiurRumondang said, there would be big benefits to get from the sustainable palm oil dialogue in North America. Having sustainable palm oil market, the CSPO production would increase and support the lives of the smallholders.

NASPON would support the dialogue about the advantage of sustainable palm oil in North America and how the companies run 100% policy in the sustainable chain of stock from the trusted sources to increase CSPO production and welfare the smallholders,” she emphasized.

NASPON itself, she continued, derives from many sectors, such as, Ahold Delhaize, Albertsons Companies, Barry Callebaut, Blommer Chocolate Company, Bunge, Conservation International, Control union, Dunkin Brands, Fuji Oils, Grupo, Bimbo, International Flavours & Fragrances, IOI LoderCroklaan, Kellog Company, Kraft Heinz, PepsiCO, Rainforest Alliance, and Target.

Vice President of Product Integrity, Ahold Delhaize, Hugo Byrnes, said, the company believed, the cooperation would happen so that the sustainable palm oil markets in North America would develop within ambitious target, reaching 100% of CSPO. “CSPO users in North America are important to reduce the risks of environmental and social damages from palm oil chain of stock,” he said.(T1)

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