Michelle Victoria Alriani: Palm oil Should Objectively be Known

Michelle Victoria Alriani: Palm oil Should Objectively be Known

Infosawit, Nusa Dua –The massive bad news about palm oil have changed the perspectives of the nowadays youth, such as, palm oil has negative influences. Miss Earth Indonesia, 2017, Michelle Victoria Alrianihad the same.

On Thursday (26/4/2018), Michelle told her experiences when joining Miss Earth International 2017. At the time, she said, the judges asked her about palm oil issues. For she got lack of information, she just answered what she knew.

But now she has done research in detail about palm oil industries. “Palm oil industries are complex ones so they cannot be seen from the negative sides but basically, palm oil industries have positive influences,” she said.

After she researched about palm oil, it is concluded that palm oil industries are strategic ones for Indonesia. So it is important to develop palm oil plantation sustainably.

In the future, she hoped that she could inform about palm oil plantation development in Indonesia objectively. Not only that, Michelle would also take the millenial generations to understand about palm oil industries nationally. “We have to be objective to know this industry,” the 21 year old  - girl said.  (T2)


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