Cargill Joins to Conserve the Forest in High Conservation Value in South Sumatera

Cargill Joins to Conserve the Forest in High Conservation Value in South Sumatera

InfoSAWIT, PALEMBANG  — Cargill, one palm oil plantation company is in cooperation with Konsorsium Kemitraan Pengelolaan Lanskap, KELOLA Sendang,an environmental program to protect the high conservation values (HCV) to support the holistic restoration project in District of Banyuasin, South Sumatera province, Indonesia.

The cooperation project from Provincial Government of South Sumatera that is run by Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is to develop the capacity, and management consultation service in best and sustainable practices to one palm oil company of Cargill, PT Hindoli. The project would use SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tools) instrument to monitor and cultivate HCV that has been stored. The project would solve the challenge in fire in the forest, and conservation. The partnership would last for one year and cover 300 hectares or equal to 349 football fields.

Director of Landscape Management Project, KELOLA Sendang, Damayanti Buchori, appreciated what Cargill has committed to sustainability. “We do hope, the partnershp would be the model in partnership program between the private sectors and the government. We would work together to manage the landscape. I do believe, the cooperation (partnership) between the government and the private sector, in this case, Cargill, would be successful because PT Hindoli is always in the frontline in sustainable practices,” Buchori said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (26/4/2018).

Director of PT Hindoli, the subsidiary of Cargill, Ong Kee Chau,said, his side is committed to the sustainable source of crude palm oil that covers conservation. “We are honoured to be part of the concortium to support the government of Indonesia to realize the goal, to protect and recover the HCV for the environment and the next generations,” he said.

Cargill is strongly committed to the production and source of sustainable palm oil. Our palm oil policy underlines not to plant in the forest within HCV; not to do new planting in the peat or area having threatened conservation; zero burning in land preparation, and end the deforestation in the chain of stock. The company also collaborates and seeks for the supports from the suppliers, consumers, the government, non-government organizations, and other stakeholders to run and implement the policy.(T2)


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