Palm oil Still has Trade Barrier

Palm oil Still has Trade Barrier

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Palm oil trade barrier would never stop. For example, in the late days, palm oil biodiesel is banned to be sold in European Union. It would be effective in 2021.

Vice Chairman III, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), TogarSitanggang said, Palm oil Resolution published by European Union Parliament saying that palm oil damaging the forest is a concern. In addition, the policy preceded palm oil ban for biodiesel in the policy energy mixture in European Union. “Why should palm oil be the first? Meanwhile the other kind of vegetable oil would be banned in 2030,” he recently said.

Many thought, palm oil from Indonesia is worse than palm oil products from other producer countries. Unfortunately Indonesia might let it happen only. In the future, we should improve palm oil images nationally by making promotion.

Its goal is that palm oil in Indonesia would not be the target to the world. What is strange is that other countries are not pressed as high as it in Indonesia.(T2)


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