Replanting Program for the Smallholders Increases the Productivity

Replanting Program for the Smallholders Increases the Productivity

InfoSAWIT, ROKAN HILIR – Director of Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), Herdrajat Natawidjaja explained that the replanting program for the smallholders (people) having less than 4 hectare areas is to increase their welfare in general and the numbers of production.

He said, by increasing the productivity in the same width, the program could prevent the new planting that may be done by cutting the wild that could damage the environment.

The replanting program is urgent to do for the smallholders’ productivity in Indonesia is generally small in numbers, about 2 – 3 tons per hectare per year or the numbers are much smaller than those produced by the private plantations. This may happen for the smallholders’ plantations are old and planted by illegitim seeds.

The official inauguration of Smallholders’ Replanting Program is the same work with the government coordinated by Coordinator Minister in Economy and Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Treasury, Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial/National Land Agency, Provincial Government of Riau, District of Rokan Hilir, and some others in Riau, and also PFMA.

The smallholders joining the program must have fulfilled the area legal. Meanwhile for those who could not fulfill the legal conditions would be helped. The replanting program runs within the sustainability principles, such as, the same area location, the enlargement was fulfilling the conservation perspective, the good cultivation, the environmental management, and institution.

To guarantee the sustainable principles, the participants of the program should get ISPO certificate in the first harvest.(T2)


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