Palm oil Biodiesel Ban Would be Taken to the Committees in WTO

Palm oil Biodiesel Ban Would be Taken to the Committees in WTO

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR –The ban of palm oil biodiesel usage in European Union recently, according to Minister of Trade and Industry, Malaysia, Mustapa Mohamed, is the potential violation to the World Trade Organization (WTO) rule.

As quoted fromChannel News Asia recently, Mustapa said that what European Union does is ‘intentional effort’ to block palm oil access to European Union markets. The next is that Malaysia would take the issue to WTO committees in March and April 2018.

Including to take the support from other palm oil producer countries to consider ‘the integrated ways to express the high concern’ to the committees in WTO.

Mustapa also mentioned, his side would lead the meeting with the experts of "Friends of Palm Oil" to do more exploration. Mustapa thought, what European Union does is a ‘worrying effort’  - and in the same time, he also mentioned as the ‘unfair’ label practice done by the private sectors in the European countries – and would be negative to more than 65o thousand smallholders in Malaysia.

“I do urge the private sectors in Europe to be fair and should not be influenced by the voting done in European Parliament and not be negative to palm oil,” he said. (T2)


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