Palm oil Could Conquer the Poverty in Indonesia and Malaysia

Palm oil Could Conquer the Poverty in Indonesia and Malaysia

InfoSAWIT, ROMA –Palm oil plantations have become the effective instruments to conquer the poverty. Indonesia and Malaysiaa are the two countries that have proved it. In Indonesia there are about 17 million men working in palm oil sector while in Malaysia, there are at least 2 million men.

The facts were revealed in the international conference about the poverty allevation in Pontifical Urban University Vatikan in Rome, Tuesday (15/5). 

"From 11,6 million hectares of palm oil plantation totally in Indonesia, 41% are the people’s plantations. The smallholders are about 2,1 million men in Indonesia," Coordinator Minister in Maritime, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, who was one of speaker in the High Level Segment seminar said.

He also mentioned, agricultural sector is important and becomes the pillar of economy nationally. In the sub sector of agriculture, palm oil plantation is one biggest source of the exchange reaching about EUR 15,5 billion or more than about Rp 250 billion.

"From the employment perspective, about 17,5 million men of Indonesia directly and indirectly work in palm oil sector,” Luhut said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Meanwhile, the Embassador of Malaysia in Vatican, Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok said the same thing. Malaysia, just like Indonesia, gets the gifts from palm oil. "In 2017, we celebrated that palm oil cultivation has been a century in our country. Palm oil sector helps not only the economic progress but also the social inclusion dan environment protection facilities," he said.

Dompok also said, palm oil productivity is ten times more than soybean productivity and four times more than sunflower productivity. “If the world wants to postpone deforestation, palm oil is the best one to be cultivated. It is effective too to reduce green – house gas emission,” he said.

Meanwhile Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson said, agricultural sector including palm oil plantation could be one business to conquer the poverty. “But the balance of environmental management and economic activity should remain well,” Cardinal Turkson said. (T2)


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