To Get the Potential Buyers, Indonesia Did Business Forum in South Africa

To Get the Potential Buyers, Indonesia Did Business Forum in South Africa

InfoSAWIT, CAPE TOWN – Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Johannesburg keeps trying to get the potential buyers from South Africa to increase the trade from Indonesia.

This moment, ITPC Johannesburg in cooperation with Indonesia’s General Consul in Cape Town did Business Forum between Indonesia and South Africa in Cape Town, South Africa on Wednesday (2/5). “The government of Indonesia in South Africa is ready to help the businessmen in the two countries to cooperate and to develop the profitable business net and investment,” Chief of ITPC Johannesburg, Pontas Parsaoran Tobingsaid in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (18/5/2018)

Pontas also told, the business forum was the first promotion done within one on one business meeting so it could be the place to share more effective and intensive information. “The business forum is one effective and right on target - activity for it is done in one on one system,” he said.

It was directly led by General Consul of Indonesia in Cape Town, Khrisna Adi Poetranto and attended by the parliament member of South Africa, Shahid Esau. Besides the forum was attended by some potential buyers who may do business with Indonesian businessmen.

According to Ministry of Trade, the trade between the two countries in 2016—2017 was positive. The total trade between the two countries increased  20% or fromUS$ 1 billionin 2016 to beUS$ 1,2 billionin 2017.

The exports from Indonesia to South Africa in the period decreased 3,2%, or fromUS$ 728 millionin 2016 to beUS$ 704 million in 2017. While the import to Indonesia fromSouth Africa in the same period increased 69%,or fromUS$ 291 million in 2016 to beUS$ 492 million in 2017. The trade balance of Indonesia and South Africa decreased 44% fromUS$ 437 juta in 2016 to beUS$ 213 million in 2017. (T2)


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