The Conditions before Getting ISPO Certificate

The Conditions before Getting ISPO Certificate

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Before getting ISPO certificate, Head of Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) Commission Secretariat, Azis Hidayat said, palm oil plantation and palm oil factory should be validated based on the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 7 / 2009 about the Guidance to Validate Plantation  Company.

They would be validated based on the criteria, as follow, license, plantation management, cultivation, social, and economy, environment, and report. Then they would be classified into three classes, they are, Class I, II, II, IV, and V. Only palm oil plantation within Class I, II and III, have rights to propose to get ISPO certificate by giving proposal.(T2)

The Legal Condition in ISPO

ISPO has the legal condition as the important one namely to the area, environment, and human rights. If the company could not fulfill the legal condition, there would be sanction

ISPO also implements the traceability for every material to produce sustainable palm oil and CPO for biodiesel.

ISPO certificate could only be published to palm oil plantation that fulfills the legal condition. The company having no legal areas could be categorized as non-sustainble.

Source: ISPO Commission Secretariat, 2018


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