Minamas Strengthens ‘Desa Mandiri Cegah Api’

Minamas Strengthens ‘Desa Mandiri Cegah Api’

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – As one big palm oil plantation company in Indonesia, Minamas Plantation focuses to protect the environment and the habitat of protected animals.

The commitment is realized by preventing the fire in the forest and areas through ‘Desa Mandiri Cegah Api’ program.

Head Plantation Operations Minamas Plantation, Roslin Azmy Hassan, said, the program has been running since 2014 in four villages aroung the subsidiaries of the company, such as, PT Bhumireksa Nusasejati (PT BNS) in District of Inhil, Riau. The four villages are in the wide peat.

Roslin also mentioned, to maximize the fire prevention, Minamas also cooperates with LPPM Universitas Riau (UnRi), within development program with the people so that they could change their behaviour when enlarging the areas without burning.

It is proven successful by pressing the fire potential when the program run. The hotspots decreased from 40 hotspots in 2013-2014 to be only one hotspot in 2015-2016.

Days before, about 77% villagers should enlarge the plantation in the peat by burning the areas and abandoned the rest of the fire.

The concepts of‘Desa Mandiri Cegah Api’ program are effective to develop the behaviour of the villagers and develop their concern about the danger of the fire. These also made the researchers live in the villages for about 6 to 10 months.

“During the period, the researchers learned about the habits of the villagers to farm. They also recommended the cultivation without burning and the modern agricultural technic,” Roslin said in the breaking the fast ceremony together with the media, Tuesday (22/5/2018) in Jakarta where InfoSAWIT also attended.

‘Masyarakat Peduli Api (MPA)’ was made by developing the smallholders’ group so that the members and MPA could get the advantage of the economy to develop ‘Desa Mandiri’ to prevent the fire.

According to the company, after the program is successful, it was done again in other villagers around Minamas’ subsidiaries in 2016, they were, PT Aneka Inti Persada (PT AIP) and PT Tunggal Mitra Plantations (PT TMP) in Riau; PT Laguna Mandiri (PT LMI), PT Langgeng Muaramakmur (PT LMR), and PT Bersama Sejahtera Sakti(PT BSS) in South Kalimantan. (T2)


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