The Partnership Becomes the Power to Develop Palm Oil Plantation

The Partnership Becomes the Power to Develop Palm Oil Plantation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The partnership between palm oil plantation companies and the smallholders has become the big power to develop palm oil plantation nationally. It is the same need to be developed in the future and as the result, palm oil plantations keep developing in many regions in this country.

The need to make palm oil plantation business derives from the people who live in many remote areas. They who live away from the capital are always identical with some issues in public infrastructures. They should cultivate their own areas for having no economic activity to do.

In the first place, they did not plant palm oil in their areas. It might happen that they planted kinds of plants, such as, chilli, and vegetables. Their areas where they planted in every condition did not make them get better in their daily lives as the farmers.

As the time goes, the farmers having the areas met the representative of palm oil plantation companies who searched for the villagers’ involvement to develop palm oil plantation together in their regions. This is obliged for the plantation companies to involve the local villagers as the plasma smallholders.

The portion of palm oil plantation areas that the companies got from the government’s license is obliged to be provided for the local to join as the plasma smallholders. It should be 20% of the width license for the local around the plantations.

The local villagers would get new offer as the partners of the palm oil plantation company to cultivate palm oil areas. But the villagers who get their rights do not have knowledge and ability to cultivate the areas given by the country through palm oil plantation companies.

So their plantations did not develop as good as the plantations nowadays. Years ago, they were only put in data and shown, where their areas were. They should cultivate their own palm oil areas within their own capability.

Some got success but many were fail to develop their own palm oil areas. This forced them to return to their own homeland. In the first place, palm oil plantation was developed within transmigration pattern.

The smallholders derived from many populated regions, such as, Java and Sumatera besides the local people who got the portion. If they kept surviving, the hard times when enlarging palm oil plantation would be memories.(T1)

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