The Women’ Management to Change the Behaviour of the Independent Smallholders

The Women’ Management to Change the Behaviour of the Independent Smallholders

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Palm oil plantation would be more developed by the independent smallholders in the future because the corporates would be blocked by the regulation and the environmental issues.

Unfortunately independent smallholders face minority to develop it, such as, the cultivation, the infrastructure and market access. The result is that their productivity is not potential from what it supposed to be and fresh fruit bunch is cheap bought by the middlemen.

Knowing this, the tough woman, Rukaiyah Rafiq or famously called Uki wants to change the condition. Of course, it is not easy to do, namely to change their behavior up to make the market access. With some friends, Uki made a non – government organization, called, Yayasan Setara.

Yayasan Setara was made as the concern of palm oil development in Jambi Province but the people do not get the equal advantage, namely the smallholders. More than that, the environmental issue always comes up as same as the expansion and development in the province.

Uki said, as a Director of Yayasan Setara, it started in 2009 to develop the independent smallholders in the province. The foundation targeted to make the institution for them in Village of Mekarjaya, Sub district of Tabir Selatan, District of Merangin, Jambi Province.

independent smallholders in the village could not financially fulfill every indicator that has been made. No one helped them. “We only think, how to help them to help bargaining offer to the companies,” she said.(T1)

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