CPO Exports in March Increased 1%

CPO Exports in March Increased 1%

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – If the exports in the first quarter 2018 decreased, March 2018 exports increased about 1%. During the period, crude palm oil (CPO) exports (not biodiesel and oleochemical) reached 2,4 million tons, or increased 33,86 thousand tonscompared to February exports that reached 2,37 million tons.

The relative stagnant exports happened for the policy in India that increased the tax import of vegetable oil in the early of March for CPO 44% from the early policy reaching 30% and refined palm oilreaching 54% from the early reaching 40%.

Executive Director ofIndonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Danang Girindrawardana, in the official statement toInfoSAWIT, Thursday (24/5/2018), said, the policy in India that increased the vegetable oil tax import became the factor of CPO exports to the country decreasing 33,44 thousand ton or about 8% in March 2018 compared to the previous period or from 442,09 thousand tons in February to be 408,65 thousand ton in March.

The decreasing CPO exports in March from Indonesia also took place in Bangladesh reaching 59%, in the Middle East countries, reaching 30%, and Pakistan reaching 0,5%.

On the other hand, some traditional countries to export, such as, European Union, China, and United States of America increased their exports, reaching 38%, 16%, and 11% for each compared to February. The new country, such as, Africa increased its import reaching 38%. (T2)


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