ANJ Gets the Supports from 9 Tribes in Kais

ANJ Gets the Supports from 9 Tribes in Kais

InfoSAWIT, SORONG SELATAN –Nine tribes in District of Kais agreed to full support the operational of the palm oil plantation company, PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ) in District of Sorong Selatan.

"The agreement which was signed in the office of Kais, Village of Kais, between the representatives of Kaitau, Saimar, Bonisau, and Bandi with ANJ is the attention from the company to the people in Kais and starting from today, we would make peace and calm situation,” District Head of Kais, Yulius Keba said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Head Department of Stakeholder and Government Relation, ANJ, Gritje Fonataba in Sorong said, the agreement is the official reply of ANJ to the eight aspirations which the Kais once told joined in nine tribes.

Gritje also told that in developing the company in Sorong Selatan, his side wants to develop the people of Papua. “We do hope that there would be better commitment to support our operational without issues anymore,” Gritje who is also the Chairman of ANJ team in the meeting, said.

Meanwhile the District Secretary of Kais, Benyamin Abago, thought, the company has answered the aspirations of the people. “The next is that there should be clear action about the operational that we should maintain,” he said.

The solution would be about the land release to develop the corridor as the access to develop jettyin Jamarema in District of Metamani and the continuity of Kais river to support the operational of ANJ. (T2)


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