Three Things to Develop IJOP

Three Things to Develop IJOP

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR -The former Director of Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), BayuKrisnamurthi, said, it is hoped that International Journal of Oil Palm (IJOP) could be developed in three ways. The first is every issue that relates to the sustainability, such as, the habitat of birds living in the people’s palm oil plantations should be told. So it does not concentrate to green – house gas issue. If it may, there should be more to discuss and write, such as, high conservation value, water management, and others,” he said in Bogor.

The second is the article should understand the meaning of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as, the contribution of palm oil to conquer the poverty, food security, and village economic developments.

The third is palm oil industries are the ones developing in cultivation technic, for example, they could solve ganoderm issue, and this should be real action to be developed too. “We would need the journal for it is the only one that discusses palm oil. We have to spread everything about palm oil,” he said.

He also suggested, IJOP should be shown in digital application so that it is easy to inform. Some topics should be deepened to discuss. For MasyarakatPerkelapasawitan Indonesia(MAKSI) is scientific organization, it needs to facilitate the new researchers.(T2)

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