Hoped that Her Daughter Could Go to University

Hoped that Her Daughter Could Go to University

InfoSAWIT, BANGKA–Though she could not get her idea when she was small,  Natalia (29) who was born in a simple family in Village of Tempilang wanted to earn her living to help her husband. Got married in 2010, her small family now has a 7 year old - daughter and she is in the first grade elementary student.

By working in a palm oil plantation company, she hoped that she gets regular income to help her child education fee because her husband who works as the tin seaker could not get regular monthly income.

The graduate from SMU Sinar Jaya is thankful for she could work in palm oil plantation company. She could save her money and buy a house in the village. She also hoped, her daughter could get her idea and go to university to study.

“By working in the company, I do hope to get regular income to be saved for the future of my daughter so that she could go to university to study and to be a teacher,” Natalia said. (T1)


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