Derom Bangun : Don’t Forget the Quality

Derom Bangun : Don’t Forget the Quality

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Chairman of Indonesian Palm Oil Board (IPOB), Derom Bangun said, there would be two challenges about palm oil in the future, they are, about diplomacy and technic or quality of the palm oil itself.

But he reminded, besides the diplomacy that has been running in some last days, do not forget the quality in the food industries in palm oil – base as the material.

CODEX would make the standard of quality and this is a threat. Some said, palm oil may have carcinogenic and could make cancer. It is being discussed to determine the limit of Chlor that is allowed in palm oil. “If the policy is published, palm oil industries woud be pressed,” he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/5/2018).

So it needs good management, starting from the plantation to the refinery because, he continued, the industries should face the standard. “The contaminant is about chlor though it needs further research so that it would not break the limit as it is regulated,” he said.

In addition, in the fruit process to be palm oil, it takes quick process to be efficient. This is potential to break the quality of palm oil itself. It would be 230 degree celcius to boil the fresh fruit bunch to make palm oil. But to make it more efficient, sometimes it needs to increase the temperature. “This is a notice to do,” Derom said.(T2)


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