Palm Oil is the Third Consumption in USA the most

Palm Oil is the Third Consumption in USA the most

InfoSAWIT, AMERICA – According to Food Processing, it is predicted that palm oil is the third rank to vegetable oil consumption in United States of America and Canada and it is even the number one vegetable oil to consume in other countries.

It is reasonable that many industries use palm oil. It happens for palm oil is a semi-solid material in the room temperature, it is in good oxidative stability, and it is cheaper than other kinds of vegatable oil. Palm oil has carotene, particularly beta – carotene, and lycopene which add the nutraceutical characteristic thought it is processed to be cooking oil.

Unfortunately among those superiorities, palm oil is always accused to damage the rain forests, raises conflicts, drives the local people and the habitat of protected animals out. That is why, as quoted from Food Processing, in 2004, multistakeholders in the world founded Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to promote the progress and the usage of sustainable palm oil through the credible global standards and the stakeholders should involve in it.

There are 3.779 members of RSPO,starting from Cargill, Campbell Soup, from Citibank until the Colombian Smallholders National Federation. The mission of RSPO are such as, to advance the production, procurement, financial, and the usage of sustainable palm oil and to develop, implement, verify in phase the credible global standards for every chain of stock of sustainable palm oil.(T2)


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