Nigeria May Need 900 thousand tons of Palm Oil Every Year

Nigeria May Need 900 thousand tons of Palm Oil Every Year

InfoSAWIT, NIGERIA –Palm oil plantations in Nigeria are massively developed to get the good production in the country. As quoted from BusinessDay, the country should be serious to multiply the planted areas of palm oil plantation aggressively and sustainably and the expansion should be same with the capacity of cultivation facilities, should be supported by the good thought and the policy published by the government and which should be monitored well together.

is predicted, Nigeria could produce up to 1,2 million tons of 2,1 million tons of the local needs or there are lack of needs for the local reaching 900 thousand tons within the population reaching 183 million men. Most of them are less than 40 years of age.

lack of stock is fulfilled by importing it from Indonesia and Malaysia. Palm oil is usually used in food, and in making the canned food, starting from the biscuit, up to ice cream.

Palm oil commercial production in Nigeria – if combined with Okumu Presco, and PZ Wilmar –  just reached 900 thousand tons while the palm oil production from the smallholders reached 400 thousand tons only. Some experts thought, Nigeria should multiply the palm oil plantations about 2 million hectares to fulfil the local needs. It is predicted, this might spend more than 2 billion dollar Nigeria.(T2)



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