The Potential of Cocoa Butterfrom Palm Oil

The Potential of Cocoa Butterfrom Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The usage of cocoa butter has limitation, such as, the unstable supply of cocoa seed as the material, varied quality, and relatively expensive if it is compared to other kinds of vegetable oil. So it is prospective to develop the substituion of cocoa butter.

Lipidis the sub-group of fat which is called try-glyceride. It covers the molecule, such as, fatty acid and its derivative (try, di, mono-glyceride, and phospholipid) and other metabolites that contains of sterol. Specialty fat is one kind of fatty acid that has specific functional characteristic and it is an organized lipids, that is, a try triacylglycerol or triglycerides which is modified from the natural composition so it has certain fatty acid mixture which is bonded in certain position in the structure of glycerol.

This definition would cover the fat and oil from the refining process, fractionation, asidolisis, esterification/interesterification or the mixture by combining specific fat and oil.The fractionation process of oil would separate the liquid and solid fraction by using the dry fractionation, wet fractionation, and solvent fractionation. Interesterification is the process to re-arrange the position and distribution of fatty acid in the glycerol structure so it could produce triacylglycerol in the certain melting point. The process to increase the stability of oxidative melting point is by hydrogenation or saturation.

products from organized lipid development have been developing not only in the functional usage only but also have been to the products that are good for health.

fats have wider application for its high functional characteristic and economic value to be used in kinds of processed products, such as, it could be advantaged as the substitution of alternative cocoa butter. Alternative cocoa butter could be differentiated into three, they are, (i) cocoa butter equivalent, (ii) cocoa butter substitute, and (iii) cocoa butter extender. But the substitution of cocoa butter is not limited to the three kinds, such as, cocoa butter replacer.(Achmad Sofian Nasori /Pusat Teknologi Agroindustri-BPPT)


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