Palm Oil Biomass (Shell) Industries Might be Stagnant

Palm Oil  Biomass (Shell) Industries Might be Stagnant

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Palm oil plantations have many advantages to make products in plantation – base. Besides crude palm oil (CPO), they can produce bio-energy and bio-mass. The main things of the products are renewable and environmental.

The main product of palm oil plantation is crude palm oil (CPO). It has been the ‘primadona’ of the global vegetable oil trade. CPO is often identical to palm oil plantation and in the same time it gets crude palm kernel oil (CPKO) which becomes the mainstay product in the global markets.

As same as the success of CPO and CPKO as the mainstay commodities in the global markets, CPO could be degraded to be bioenergy, such as, biodiesel. In the first place, it was known as the alternative fuel that could substitute fuel in crude oil – base.

Though CPO derivative industries have produced CPO, but biodiesel got its fame since 2016 when crude oil was very expensive. Through biodiesel, the crude oil was pressed. If it (crude oil) got more expensive, biodiesel would be chosen to substitute the alternative fuel.

Biodiesel has the same pattern trade with CPO and CPKO. They are used as the alternative materials for the derivatives for vegetable industries in the world, such as, soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, and others for they have developed years ago.

CPO and CPKO are always interesting to be in trade as the global vegetable commodities. What about the biomass products deriving from palm oil plantations?

Though they are not so popular in the global trade, the people have known kinds of biomass products from palm oil plantations. They can be used as the alternative products for the derivative industries as the materials, such as, palm oil shell. It has lots of demands in the global markets since two years ago.

The increasing demands of palm oil shell in the global markets are from Japan. It is used as the material for bioenergy that could produce renewable electricity. It is normal that palm oil shell demands increase in the global markets.Kris Hadisoebroto/Downstream Industrial Observer /Board of Editorials, InfoSAWIT)

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