Russia and Indonesia Agreed to Reinforce Palm Oil Trade

Russia and Indonesia Agreed to Reinforce Palm Oil Trade

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Minister of Agriculture, Andi Amran Sulaiman accepted the visit of Ambassador of Russia in Indonesia, Mrs. L. Yudmila.G.Vorobiva, Friday (8/6/2018). The meeting was about the cooperation between the two countries to reinforce the agriculture industries nationally and increase the welfare of the smallholders (farmers). “We know that we import wheat from Russia but we also export palm oil, rubber, cocoa, and other products to Russia,” Amran said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He thought, palm oil is a serious issue because for all these years, palm oil industries are negatively accused by the consumers. So Russia as one partner in Europe is very optimist with the agricultual issue in Indonesia and it needs cooperation, namely to inform palm oil industries nationally. “We also need the cooperation to Russia to promote palm oil and they agree with us,” he said.

In addition, he continued, there are 30 million men depending on palm oil. If the European countries keep making black campaigns, automatically, the crude palm oil (CPO) would be cheaper. So he hoped, the approach should not be from environment only, but also from community wealth (the welfare of the smallholders).

According to the Ambassador of Russia in Indonesia, L. Yudmila G. Vorobiva, the meeting was done because Russia and Indonesia are two countries having the big agricultural products and very strategic to cooperate.

“Russia chooses Indonesia to get CPO and its derivatives and Indonesia is one country having the biggest production in Indonesia,” Yudmila said.

She continued, not only CPO, but Russia would import rubber, coffee, tea, cocoa, and others from Indonesia. Russia welcomes every export from Indonesia, namely the fruits to be in the markets in Russia. “But of course, they (exports) should obey the regulations in Russia,” Yudmila said. (T2)


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