Education Becomes One Focus of Palma Serasih Group

Education Becomes One Focus of Palma Serasih Group

InfoSAWIT, KALTIM -Palma Serasih Group (PSG) as palm oil plantation company is committed to increase the availability and quality of the educational facilities for the children around its operational. The young generations would be the pillar and as the successors of palm oil plantations. The corporate always prioritizes the welfare in education to increase the quality of lives of the people around palm oil plantation company.

The corporate also has educational division which functions to increase the welfare namely in education so that the educational facilities are available in the first place, such as, the building of kindergarteen which is integrated with the primary school and they are next to the housing of the employees in the plantation.

Until now the company has built two schools in primary level. It has been done in phase since 2014. It started from constructing the school in Tepian Langsat Estate and then in Gunung Kudung Estate in 2016.

The company plans to construct other school as same as the increasing students in every year. Besides the company always tries to make more qualified education by preparing the qualified teachers. Of course, this is as same as the vision and mission of the company that the company tries as best as it could to educate the next generations around the operational areas to get better quality of education.

As the company develops its business, the company also plans to build junior high school in this very short time so that the students could continue their education around the plantation.(T1)

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