Evan, The Genious from Palm Oil (Plantation)

Evan, The Genious from Palm Oil (Plantation)

InfoSAWIT, KALTIM – The tall boy is quiet. He has a calmm face and always thinks before he speaks. But he is nice and friendly when he starts talking.

Evan Koyongian is the first son of Deyske Caroline Aror who was from Manado. Though he is 12 years old, he has had many performances in his study. Since he was in fourth grade, Evan always joined science competitions among the schools from the subdistrict to district levels.

Before joing Asean Science and Mathematics Olimpiad for Primary Schools (ASMOPS), on 2 - 8 July 2017, he joined National Science Olympiad (NSO) in the national level which was done by Ministry of Education and Culture in Pekanbaru, Riau Province. Education Agency of East Kalimantan Province really selected the participants among the subdistricts until the district levels to get the quality which is almost perfect. Evan was selected in the early of 2017 and he was the representation of East Kalimantan Province to join the NSO.

Unfortunately in the competition, he did not get the best medal. But he did not regret it because when the selection process run, he really enjoyed the interaction among the students who represented their provinces. This motivated him to increase his ability and capability to get more performance. When he was asked that he would join the science competition in the future, the boy who wants to be one of many international inventors strictly said, ‘yes’.

His other interesting story of lives was when Evan was selected too as the student who told his speech in English version within the theme ‘Drugs Miss-usage for the Young Generations’ in the commemoration of Independence Day of Indonesia in 2017 in front of the Regent of Kutai Timur and the other participants.(T1)

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