The Result of Trilogy, European Union Postponed the Policy about Palm Oil from Indonesia

The Result of Trilogy, European Union Postponed the Policy about Palm Oil from Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the previous, European Union would implement the policy about the new and renewable energy to biodiesel in palm oil – base that would be stopped in 2021.

But after getting diplomacy from Indonesia, it is said that the basic assumption saying that European Union Parliament which would run the policy to palm oil from Indonesia is illogical. Besides it still needs further research about the forest and environmental damages.

According to the information from European Commission, three highest institutions of European Union did meeting, such as, European Commission, European Parliament, and Euoropean Union Board (consists of the members of European Union) on June 14th, 2018, and the ambitious political conclusion was agreed to increase the renewable energy usage in Europe.

Besides the new regulation is that the target of renewable energy bonds European Union, that is, at least, 32% in 2030 rather than 27% for all these years and the percentage may be increasing after the review in 2023. This may be possible for Europe to maintain its role as the leader to fight for the climate change, to do energy transmission environmentally, and to fulfill the goal in Conference of Parties (COP) 21, that is, to limit the global heat up to 2°C, and to get the balance of source and sink of green – house gas in the second round of this century on the equity, in the context of sustainable development and in the effort to conquer the poverty.

When RED II starts?

After the political agreement on June 14th, the Directive should be officially agreed by European Parliament and European Union Board. After it is officially published and regulated in the next several months by both legislation boards, the new Reduction Emission Directive (RED II) would be published in the official journal of European Union and would be running 20 days after the publication. The members of European Union should take the new elements from RED II and should make them as parts of the national regulation (laws) at least 18 months after it starts.

The Agreement of Trilogy and Palm Oil

The first, there is no particular or explicit reference about palm oil in the agreement. The second, the result is not a ban or the limit to palm oil or biofuel import on palm oil – base. The relevant regulation in RED II is to regulate how far certain biofuel could be calculated by the members of European Union to get the target of their sustainable energy.

The third, the countries in European Union still want to make palm oil imports. For Indonesia, European Union is the second biggest continent and the imports of European Union significantly increased in 2017, reaching 28%. (T2)


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