The Smallholders Got Sustainable Palm Oil Premium Sharing about Rp 3,6 Billion

The Smallholders Got Sustainable Palm Oil Premium Sharing about Rp 3,6 Billion

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -In the midst of April 2018, Asian Agri symbolically gave sustainable palm oil premium to 12 chairmen of Koperasi Unit Desa (KUD) who coordinate the plasma smallholders developed by Asian Agri.

Palm oil plantations in Indonesia really increase the people’s income namely in the regions around. The industries also really support the government to increase their quality of live namely the villages near palm oil plantations. This also supports the third point in NawaCitaof President JokoWidodo about developing Indonesia from the villagers through Ministry of Cooperation and Small and Middle Business or ‘KementerianKoperasidan Usaha Kecil danMenengah’.

The sustainable palm oil premium is the fund which was collected from the selling in 2016, reaching Rp. 3.690.062.357. The fund was given to 72 KUD the partners of Asian Agri that consist of 30.000 plasma smallholders in Riau and Jambi Province. “The profit sharing from sustainable palm oil selling is the good sample from the partnership between the company and the partners. In this case, it is done by Asian Agri to its smallholders,” Secretary of Ministry of Union and Middle and Small Business, Indonesia, AgusMuharam, said when giving speech in the event of Sustainable Palm Oil Profit Sharing in the office of the Ministry and attended by InfoSAWIT in Jakarta.

General Director of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia, Bambang also emphasized that the government supports the sustainable agronomy implementation by making partnership with the smallholders and the company as the developer. “Indonesia should face the international market challenges about the source of sustainable palm oil and should have sustainable certificate,” he said.

Ministry of Agriculture supports every smallholder to get sustainable certificates, such as, Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) so that palm oil products from Indonesia could be sold in international markets and the smallholders have chance to get incentive from the sustainable palm oil selling.

He continued, the profit sharing to the smallholders is the appreciation from the partnership between Asian Agri and the smallholders that implement sustainable practices when cultivating palm oil plantations consistently. This would guarantee the quality of fresh fruit bunch and crude palm oil that the domestic and international markets demand.(T1)


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